Redefined When Confined

I will never forget 
That year when humanity 
Paused from being busy
Like it had rarely done yet

When a shift in consciousness 
Prompted us to realize with humbleness
That what we were calling success
In fact didn’t always rhyme with happiness

When human doings
Became human beings  
When many realized that what had been taken for granted
Was in fact never guaranteed

When many become grateful 
For life’s little pleasures 
When they become thankful 
For the simplest leisure

When everything on planet earth
Stopped, from cars and planes to trains
When that year become a rebirth 
Despite all the scars and all the pains

When ​a ​hug and kiss​  turned into weapon
Whilst distanciation 
And abstaining from visiting 
Our loved ones became caring

When no motion led to lower pollution 
When appreciation took over expectation  
When love and kindness and connection
Became a long-lost renewed obsession

When stillness
Replaced busyness
When there was an overall slow down 
During an unprecedented lock down
And not being in a hurry 
Turned out to be a luxury

When men were redefined 
Whilst being confined 
When the support of our community
Was the cure to anxiety

When in the face of such uncertainty
We opened our eyes
That living in the future fails miserably
And that the present is our only prize 

When we came to term with our mortality 
And remembered that life beauty
Comes precisely from its fragility
And that being healthy 
Is worth​ so much​ more than being wealthy

When the absence of our friends and family
Left us feeling terribly empty
Despite being connected through technology
As well as spiritually

When our little planet 
Became a fearful magnet
When resiliency 
Became the ultimate mastery

When true bliss
Turned out to be inner peace
When for a lot of us life re-evaluation 
Emerged from such a dramatic situation

gold-we live one life