The Burnout Fix – Overcome overwhelm, beat busy and sustain success in the new world of work – Dr. Jacinta Jimenez

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It is no secret that COVID-19 has created high levels of stress and even burnout for many individuals.
Maintaining personal vitality in the midst of the increasingly disruptive changes happening to our world of work is crucial.
If we are not also tending to your personal pulse, efforts to work harder or smarter will flatline.

Research has found that burnout happens when there is an imbalance between our capacities as humans and the nature of our work.

The World Health Organization even officially recognized burnout as an occupational phenomenon in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) in 2019. This social problem has significant repercussions for businesses and individuals on a global scale.  

Dr. Jacinta Jiménez, PsyD, BCC is an award-winning Psychologist  and Board-Certified Leadership Coach with a 15+ year career dedicated to the betterment of leaders. 

An in-demand speaker, consultant, and coach, she has worked with individuals in top organizations in Silicon Valley and throughout the world. She contributes to national news and TV  outlets, including CNN/HLN, Business Insider, Forbes, and Fast Company.  

As the former Global Head of Coaching at BetterUp, she developed groundbreaking  science-backed coaching approaches for helping today’s top organizations foster resilience,  while also leading a global community of 1500+ international Leadership Coaches in over 58 countries. She holds a certificate in Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell University and provides consultation on topics related to this important area as well. 

In her book, The Burnout Fix: Overcome  Overwhelm, Beat Busy and Sustain Success in the New World  of Work (McGraw-Hill, 2021), Jacinta introduces a cutting-edge, research backed framework to ensure that modern day workers can  achieve success without compromising their vitality, health, and well-being in the process.  

Jacinta argues that we can’t solve today’s burnout and  busyness challenges with yesterday’s formulas for success. Just as our bodies thrive when our hearts are healthy, our personal  and professional lives can thrive if we learn how to maintain what she calls “a steady personal pulse”. 

In this episode, Jacinta provides a compelling and timely message for individuals, teams and  organisations about what it means to thrive in today’s complex and rapidly changing world of work by introducing science-backed pro-resilience skills, behaviours, and mindsets. Enjoy!


  1. Everything, when done in excess can be detrimental and backfire, including hard work
  2. Burnout doesn’t discriminate, all industries and all seniority levels can be affected, globally: we are human beings not machines, so burnout is what happens if we avoid being humans for too long. Essentially, burnout is chronic workplace stress not managed with recovery
  3. Jacinta’s PULSE framework offers a way to prevent and recover from Burnout by setting enduring principles  into all aspects of your life, from pacing for performance and leveraging leisure time to securing a support system and evaluating how to regain control of your time, energy and priorities
  4. You don’t have to go through a huge overhaul to have big payoffs: small steps that slowly stretch you over time do compound and are more sustainable on a consistent basis, especially by incorporating recovery periods, to honour your human side 
  5. Boundaries are so key to avoid the “helper hangover” syndrome … However it can be challenging for human beings especially when we love people … a trick around it is to tie your boundaries, your “yes” and “no” lists, to your values so you can respect what truly matters to you … 
  6. Setting boundaries with technology to be more present and focused in your life is empowering, and again it doesn’t have to be massive and require radical steps
  7. Organisations can think about the 6 person mismatches that lead to burnout, monitor these and buffer against them: 
    • Fairness and benevolence 
    • Sustainable and realistic / feasible workload
    • Community including trust and psychological safety
    • Aligned Values
    • Rewards and Acknowledgement
    • Control over work / Agency

In the end of the day, it is about caring for employees as humans

  1. Serious work does not have to “feel” serious and stressful – and to rob you of your life and vitality
  2. Resilience is not about how you endure, but how you recharge and replenish … this is not a nice to have anymore but an imperative practice to thrive in the new world of work and preserve our vitality


If you are ready to create a more intentional and regret-free life and career that unlocks your unique potential and lights you up, start here!

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