Tessy Antony de Nassau – Former Princess of Luxembourg: Mindset, resilience and keeping spirits up

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In this episode, my guest is a very inspirational woman – Tessy Antony de Nassau, formally Princess Tessy of Luxembourg. 

Here is Tessy’s bio: https://www.themarque.com/profile/tessy-antony-de-nassau.

As an introduction, Tessy has a wonderful and non-linear story, both personally and professionally … 

She joined the Luxembourg Army in 2002, and was one of a handful of female UN peacekeepers in Kosovo where she met her ex husband, the Prince of Luxembourg.

She has always worked, and reinvented herself professionally from the Army into many fields – as a philanthropist and entrepreneur. 

This includes sustainable business strategy, higher education and female empowerment and much more. 

She is in the process of writing your first books and studying for a PhD.

We dive into Tessy’s tips and tricks to help inspire people in this time of crisis,  how she built resilience, overcame burnout, and little rituals for your well-being muscles.


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