Susan RoAne – Reinvention from teacher to author and keynote speaker

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Susan is based in San Francisco and has a fascinating background – having been a teacher before reinventing herself as a writer, a best-selling author, a professional Keynote Speaker, and a Coach. She has written several business networking self-help books including How to Work a Room and Create your own luck. She was quoted by Richard Branson in an article on his top 10 favorite quotes for saying “Good things come to those who initiate.” 

In this episode, we dive into her story of reinvention; her lessons learnt and how to foster positive and mutually empowering relationships, in business and life in general.


  1. Help others and serve – be interested in people, ask the right questions and listen to the answers
  2. Give and acknowledge gratitude for others
  3. Embrace serendipity
  4. Leverage your strengths and do your own mini-audit of what we are good at with your personal and professional contacts
  5. When someone whom you respect say something that appeals to you, change your schedule and do it
  6. Have a team of people you trust and when someone gives you feedback, go back to this team and run it by them to find out if what is being said is accurate and could be worthwhile. But don’t change the essence of who you are
  7.  Say yes when you want to say no!  Say yes, because when you say yes, you are in the room where it happens when you say yes, all the possibilities are there.


If you are ready to create a more intentional and regret-free life and career that unlocks your unique potential and lights you up, start here!

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