Dorie Clark – On career reinvention, productivity, personal branding and the “long game”

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Our guest in this episode is Dorie Clark.

Dorie is all about improving business and careers … And a master at reinvention. She learned to be. Her job evaporated after 9/11. In the years since, she’s written a number of books, including one called Reinventing You. 

A former journalist and presidential campaign spokeswoman, she is now a professional speaker / a business school professor of both Columbia and Duke / an author /an executive coach / a consultant and speaker for clients such as Google, Morgan Stanley and the World Bank.

In this episode, we talk about her story of reinvention; building expertise and her advice to professionals on reinventing their career and establishing a consistent, compelling personal brand; productivity tips and more.


  1. There’s reinvention that you choose and then there’s reinvention that you’re forced into. Regardless,  look into other things or other possibilities, and even just take a breath, and survey your options more strategically rather than immediately replicating what you had before. It’s one that too few of us actively do.
  2.  Build up a cash reserve for yourselves because we just live in such an uncertain world. 
  3. There is no law that you have to do the same thing, your skills are far more transferable than you might imagine.The only trick is: Other people are very very uncreative when it comes to understanding that your skills are transferable. YOU have to make the case that they are transferable.
  4. All of us really ought to be embracing “lowercase r reinvention”, which is the smaller and more subtle ways that we are keeping ourselves fresh. That could be things as simple as creating a regimen for yourself, where you are networking and having coffee with a new person once a week to keep your network diverse and up to date. 
  5. Consider the elimination strategy. Because it’s often easier for people to understand what they don’t want to do, as compared to what they want to do. 
  6. Optimise for interesting. It is very hard to follow your passion, as a lot of people don’t even 
  7. necessarily know what their passion is and so it becomes almost a triggering thing. So, instead – optimize for the things you find interesting. 
  8. Who do you want to be in the world? And how do you make sure as best that you can that other people see that in you? If they do, your personal brand is a win!
  9. A little known secret of productivity is time tracking and being mindful of the cost to task switching. 
  10. A mantra: if you want to get an invitation, you have to give an invitation. it’s also true in a metaphorical sense, which is, if something’s not happening – well why don’t you make it happen!
  11. Dorie’s new book which is coming out in September – The long game, how to be a long term thinker, in a short term world. It focuses on a concept she calls “strategic patience”. You get the results in the long term – but the problem is that a lot of people quit before the long term because they get discouraged.  So how do you keep it up so that you actually can achieve those results?


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