Patricia Fripp – A journey from hairstyling to public speaking coach and author

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Patricia Fripp is a renowned professional speaker, public speaking coach and author. Clients of her speech coaching include corporate leaders, financial advisors, technical and sales professionals, professional speakers, athletes and media celebrities.

However, it didn’t all start this way. 

Patricia moved to San Francisco from England in  the1970’s at age 20 with no job or contacts and only $500.

When she first arrived from England, Patricia worked in one of the first men’s hairstyling salons with a legendary Hollywood hairstylist.

She then reinvented her professional path from the beauty / hairstyling industry to the public speaking one.

In this episode, we talk about her story of what she calls evolution rather than reinvention; building expertise and her lessons learnt on changing career path, developing new expertise as well as her secrets on how to make more persuasive and impactful connections with others, in business and life in general.


  1. Willpower and perseverance often beats talent – Practice and put in the reps, it all compounds over time
  2. Build connections, you never know how dots connect in your next chapter 
  3. It is often wise to build your next professional chapter whilst remaining in your current one, to build a solid foundation before going full time


If you are ready to create a more intentional and regret-free life and career that unlocks your unique potential and lights you up, start here!

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