On the power of kindness in leadership – Pinky Lilani (OBE, CBE)

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Do you know the saying, some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same? 

Well – then this episode with Pinky Lilani might leave these footprints in you. 

Pinky is an amazing lady, who I cherish as a leader, mentor, friend and fairy god mother she has been. Beyond exited to share such a beautiful person with you.

She is an author, motivational speaker, food expert and women’s advocate.

She is the founder and chair of several awards recognising influential women and excellence in leadership, including the annual Women of the Future Awards and the Asian Women of Achievement Awards, as well as Kindness in Leadership Awards.

Pinky was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2007 for services to charity and as Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 2015 for services to women in business.

In this episode, Pinky shares with us her inspiring journey into business and how kindness has shaped it. We talk about empowerment, how we can build meaningful relationships including connecting over cooking. We go on to reflect on purpose, entrepreneurship and leadership, some of the challenges Pinky has overcome, putting emphasis on being authentic to yourself and not fearing failure. 

It is full of wisdom and energy, with the love of people at the heart of Pinky’s ethos – enjoy!

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  1. “Everything you do in life, there is a real premium in meeting interesting people” – if you meet interesting people and bring them together, it is a wonderful way to preserve your own sanity but also help others.
  2. Be kinder than you have to. And let kindness be at the heart of everything you do. When kindness is the currency, then we are all millionaires. You don’t need a PhD degree or money, we can all be kind. Kindness has a multiplier effect. And when we are kind, the person who gives the kindness benefits – “the fragrance of the rose stays in the hands that gives the rose”. Plus, kindness comes back in so many different ways years later.
  3. Kindness is a trait of great leadership, and does foster greater people engagement and business performance. When leaders are kind, it gives permission to everyone else to be kind.
  4. When you give someone an accolade, it empowers them – it makes them want to do more and grow more. Miracles start happening when you really do believe in yourself.
  5. Ask yourself, when was the last time you did something for the first time? Taking up new challenges or learning new skills.
  6. 3 mantras to live by: Be curious, be courageous and be kind.
  7. In life, you can’t do everything well so do what you do well and surround yourself with others who can do what you don’t know, to make a legendary epic story all together. If you bring the right people and bring the best out of them, this is what makes a team successful.
  8. Social mobility is the big element of diversity that people don’t talk about enough – this is the elephant in the room.
  9. We have to recognise that not everyone wants the same thing in life and business. If knowledge is power then knowing what we don’t know is wisdom. People sometimes presume everyone is interested in the same thing, but it is not the case.
  10. If you are content, you are a king already. Be grateful for the now in the pursuit of more.
  11. Empowering someone who is brilliant but doesn’t know they are yet is a wonderful thing. We must help people to dream much more!
  12. You have not truly lived the perfect day unless you do something for some who cannot give it back to you.
  13. If you are shy when meeting new people or networking, ask people about them and their life story. Let other people lead the way and talk. Work on your “likability” quotient – by being more interested in others. Analyse your likability quotient and how you can improve it.
  14. Let what you do speak for itself.
  15. Remember the importance of integrity and trust, whether it is your personal or company integrity and trust. People come back to you when they trust you. With kindness, integrity and trust are the vital trinity.
  16. Follow your intuition and your heart, they always know what is best for you.


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