From business school to corporate law, professional athlete, extreme adventurer, Guinness World Record holder and author – Stephanie Gicquel

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How to learn to dare to go towards our dreams, and to set ambitious goals? 

How can we overcome the inevitable obstacles when we step outside our comfort zone?

How to build mental resilience despite doubts?

Stéphanie Gicquel is a graduate of HEC business school and trained as a lawyer, specializing in M&A, private-equity and taxation.

She then became an adventurer and today, she is also an extreme sportswoman with various extraordinary sporting achievements, as well as an author.

Her mantra?

“The only limit to our goals is the one we give them”

Stéphanie is one of the handful of explorers to have set foot on both the North Pole and the South Pole. 

An extreme athlete, she is the first French woman to have run a marathon around the North Pole in -30 ° C, and she also crossed Antarctica on foot via the South Pole for 2,045 kilometers in 74 days by -50 ° C (Guinness World Records). 

She also completed a 240 km race in 24 hours and seven marathons in seven days on seven continents, and finished 3rd among the women who competed…

She also practices long-distance running (ultra-trail and road competitions over 50 to 200 km), and is a member of the French athletics team (ultra-long distance – 24h and 100 km).

And finally, she is the author of 3 books – “Across Antarctica Expedition”, “We are all born adventurers” and “In Motion”.

She says

“It’s not the victory that matters, but the challenge itself. Because the moments when the heart beats intensely are the moments of conquest. Always dare to achieve what is beyond reach, and never stop believing in it. Overcome your fear to live your life to the fullest. “

In this episode, she tells us how she left her profession as a corporate lawyer for this new life and how she found the audacity to pursue her dreams, and to leave the norm to explore new lands.

Stephanie simply  is an exceptional woman! 

Full of humanity and humility … Her energy is contagious: her boldness, passion, extraordinary tenacity and drive to live to the fullest and to always push her boundaries further.

As much for extreme sports men and women as for entrepreneurs, leaders and any professionals … 

We recorded in French so this is a voiceover translated episode but no doubt you will be motivated and determined like never before after listening to this adventure!

Enjoy listening 🙂


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