Emily Groden – From M&A Law to the Freezer Aisl‪e‬

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Our guest in this episode is Emily Groden, Founder of Evergreen, a clean, frozen waffle brand.

Emily has one of these very impressive backgrounds: undergrad at Yale, law school at Harvard, and a career in M&A Law, all going according to her life’s plan.

 As a competitive college swimmer, she knew about the importance of fueling herself with nutritious ingredients. She started a career in law at Kirkland & Ellis where she focused on Private Equity deals. Then, one night, Netflix led her to Chef’s Table and an episode about Alinea, a three-Michelin star restaurant in Chicago – and it inspired her so much that she sent a cold email to Alinea’s founder Nick Kokonas asking if he needed a lawyer.

Long story short, Emily joined them a week after. She learned the importance of being innovative and following her gut, asking why things “had” to be a certain way. 

You’ll hear how that expansive mindset led to her founding Evergreen in September 2020, right  in the middle of Covid.

In this episode, we are going to cover her story and lessons learnt, so you can apply these to your OWN life and career. 


  1. Listen to hints about what you are curious about, love learning about, reading about, listening about, talking about … they have clues!
  2. People you are fascinated by, hearing stories of, a little jealous of … all might be signs that you could have an edge for doing what they do.
  3. Be proactive and bold. 
  4. Believe that every step builds on the prior one and leads you to where you are today. 
  5. Mindset and resilience is key as an entrepreneur.
  6. Sometimes not knowing and being naive is a strength!
  7. Your jealousy or envy on what others do that you would like is an indication you should follow to take action.
  8. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – sit back and think – is it just that I am nervous and anxious and embarrassed about this or is there a real reason that I’m not doing it? And sometimes there are reasons to not do something at a certain point in time, and you just have to make that assessment, and if there’s no real reason, then make that call, send that email, send in that application. Because it could very well change your life!


If you are ready to create a more intentional and regret-free life and career that unlocks your unique potential and lights you up, start here!

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