Cyril Benzaquen – 5 times Kickboxing World Champion and Muay Thai fighter, on mental fitness and self-belief

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In this episode, my guest is Cyril Benzaquen.

Cyril is not only five-time World Kickboxing and Muay Thai champion, but also holds a Masters in Management from the prestigious Dauphine University in Paris, is a model and an entrepreneur.

Very young, Cyril understood that his defeats were often linked to a lack of mental preparation, and he began to visualize his future victories from his first steps in the ring.

His physical strength and agility were thus quickly solidified by mental toughness, and thanks to a training routine which includes amongst others meditation, visualization and breathwork.

His sporting discipline now allows him to also be a successful businessman.

We dive into Cyril’s rituals, tips and tricks to build mental fitness and self-belief. Whether you are a CEO, leader, Corporate athlete or sport athlete, this episode is full of inspiration – enjoy 🙂


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