Change your mindset, Change your life: From homeless, prison and 6-figures in debt, to millionnaire entrepreneur – Garrain Jones

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One of the core tenants of personal development, from ancient wisdom including Stoicism to modern science, and disciplines from coaching to cognitive behavioural psychology … is that our mind is a powerful tool – but does not have to run the show of our life: we always have the power over our thoughts.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.


The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.
Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

Marc Aurelius

Every time we have a thought about something, we have a feeling associated with it – which triggers actions and results

It is not what is happening in the world (our circumstances) that causes our feelings, but our thoughts about our circumstances. 

We can therefore become conscious about the thinking that causes the unwanted results … and create new thoughts patterns to trigger different feelings, actions and results. 

There are smaller and bigger examples every day of this principle in action …

In this episode, I am speaking to someone who embodies the power of the mind in a BIG way … Garrain Jones!

For over 2 years, Garrain lived out of his car and was over $300,000 in debt. If life was not hitting rock bottom enough, he then spent 2 ½ years in prison – in France- for selling heroin. 

But through these challenges, and many other tragic events in his life, Garrain found his purpose and was able to completely change the trajectory of his life. And the wake-up call to change his life came unexpectedly.

Today, he is a transformation coach, business coach, speaker, author, health and wellness advocate, and serial entrepreneur who has motivated and inspired thousands of people around the world. 

He is living proof that our circumstances can change, IF we are willing to change the way we think. 

In his bestselling book, Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life: Lessons of Love, Leadership and Transformation he shares his proven process for removing lifelong struggles (starting from within), and gives the tools to attract prosperity and passion in all areas of life.

In our conversation, you will get to hear his powerful story of “rags to riches”, and how he overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We also talk about the power of mindset, how he turned his life-long pain and struggle into passion, and why anyone (regardless of their current circumstances) has the power to live a happy and abundant life!


  1. Change your mindset, Change your life: those words can shift your life 
  2. True gold is inside of us – YOU are what you have always been looking for – everything starts within you: what makes you happy and brings you joy? 
  3. If we don’t tell ourselves who we are then we will live a life based on who we think other people think we are, which is like being in a mental jail
  4. You have got to build a house from the foundation up and not from the roof down 
  5. How you do anything is how you do everything
  6. Your social environment is contagious and you are the average of the 5 closest people you spend the most time with… You cannot be what you cannot see
  7. It is not about reading books but applying the learning for results. Read a book until the book starts reading you, not for memory but for mastery
  8. Whenever we wonder where time goes is when we are not intentional about how we spend our days
  9. Track your daily progress and “mini wins” to feel empowered about the momentum in whatever you are trying to achieve
  10. You need to balance intentionality with surrendering to the process and trusting, having the patience of playing the long game
  11. Have the humility to ask for help and learn. Find out what are the rituals in whatever you want to attract, so you can be ready when the opportunity arises
  12. Success is inner peace, when looking in the mirror and going to bed at night … Anything that costs us peace of mind is too expensive
  13. Those who seek shall find … Never give up seeking and asking for help from those who inspire you and set your soul on fire



I have learned the hard way that if you don’t tell yourself who you are, you will eventually live a life based on who you think other people think you are. It is like living in a jail inside of a jail cell, which leads to the loss of the self.

That very moment stated a philosophy that inspired me to begin to live life in a completely different way. I began doing the opposite of everything I would normally do in the areas of my life where I wasn’t happy. It was like a little angel on my shoulder whispering in my ear: “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.”

You cannot change what you are not aware of.

You don’t have to have gone to prison like I did in order for you to feel like you are a prisoner in your mind. If you feel stuck in a job that you don’t like and you stay there – that is prison.

I learned that it was not about the specific vision, it was about growing through the process and that specific process shaping me into the kind of person who deserved the desired outcome. I created the vision, and the vision created me.

Remember to trust the process. Inside of trust lies your faith. Inside of faither lies access to co-creation, and when co-creation is present, the miraculous in life occurs.

We are not going through but growing through life.

The ups and downs are uniquely designed for every one of our lives. These are tests you must pass to get to the next level in life.

The outside is the physical manifestation of what’s going on inside your brain.

Take a look at your own life at this very moment. If it’s not flowing, there is a great chance that it’s not getting the most positive aspects of your mental attitude.

The more your positive inward focus flows into your outward look on life, the more the pendulum of your life will indeed show up positive.

Your future is being held hostage by the resistance of what you are holding onto.

Love no matter what. True love has no boundaries.

Are you still waiting to do the things you said you would do years ago?

There are no calendars in heaven – start now because someday will never happen.

If you are ready to create a more intentional and regret-free life and career that unlocks your unique potential and lights you up, start here!

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