Antoine Gerlier – From Finance to Meditation entrepreneur

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Our guest in this episode is Antoine Gerlier, Founder of Namatata, a meditation app that has a mission to democratize access to meditation in France. He founded the app in 2016, but when Covid started in March 2020, it tripled its turnover every month and today as we record this episode a year later, the app counts 1 million users.

Antoine has a fascinating story: he graduated from Science Po, a selective university in France with a degree in Business and Finance and was a professional poker player…before starting a blog dedicated to positive psychology and meditation (Zentonik) – and subsequently, Namatata. 

We cover everything from mindfulness meditation to Antoine’s story and lessons learnt, as well as precious insights and tips on how to practice little mindfulness rituals in your day to day so you can apply these to your own life and career. 

And stay tuned with the end as we have a surprise collective meditation for you!


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