Intentional Living Method

We all live ONE LIFE …
Are you living yours to the fullest?

Create aN intentional life & career that UNLOCKS your UNIQUE potential AND LIGHTS YOU UP

How can we live and work today in a way that we look forward to looking back?

For leaders and professionals who might wonder...

Am I really making the most of my ONE life?

Regain the power to be even more fulfilled in the life you are working hard to build

The Intentional Living Method

gold-we live one life

Two programs to unlock your unique potential through intentional living, in and out of work, based on your authentic self-
maximizing your whole well-being and performance, while enriching your life with more meaningful work.

Program 1


Re-Vitalize your life intentionally, in and out of work, in alignment with your authentic self 

– so your whole well-being and performance rise in tandem, for greater vitality, resilience and fulfilment.

Program 2


Re-Invent you at work, in alignment with your unique personal brand identity 

– so you harmonize what you do with who you are through a professional path and lifestyle choice that is personally rewarding.

Right now is when you have the most vitality to enjoy life.

To do something meaningful with your life.

To have an impact on this world.

To let your unique potential shine through.

So ask yourself, how do I really want to live my ONE LIFE?

Does any of this sound familiar?

You are living a great life.

But you are struggling to balance your professional goals and success with your inner peace, well-being, relationships, and hobbies.

How much could your life, your teams and organization transform if you were maximizing your unique potential and daring to choose a way to live and work that lights you up?

Let's take a step back, together.

What do you really want and are you living life to the fullest?

What is important is to not allow yourself to get caught in the never-ending overthinking, and to make intentional, regret-free choices in your life and work.

Rising life expectancy, fast-paced business disruptions and rapid technology changes…

What we take for granted in life and work is increasingly unpredictable. 

More than ever, it is up to each of us to find our own definition of success and happiness in this ever-moving landscape.

There are multiple, sometimes non-linear paths over your life and work journey. And you get to choose which one to build next.

It is impossible to predict the future.
But once you dare to choose you and to live intentionally, it changes both your experience of the present and the future that is possible.

YOU are NOT your circumstances.

Your best bet for living happily and prosperously is to operate from your authentic nature – your unique potential.

And sometimes, this means knowing when to get help.

Life’s greatest betrayal and heartbreak is reaching the end of your life and realizing that you lived it based on someone else’s terms or did not live it to the full.

Living with the awareness that life is temporary invites you to step in the fullness of your limitless potential, and meet every moment of life with enthusiasm – riding the highs and lows with balance and grace.

It is time to make INTENTIONAL decisions about your life as a whole.

To dare to live and achieve, love and play, serve and impact in alignment with your authentic self.

To OWN your definition of success and happiness, on your own terms.

Success and happiness is created when what you think, how you feel, and what you do are all in harmony with who YOU are.

We Live One Life's signature method to facilitate intentional living for leaders and professionals



Re-Wire your mindset for intentional living, to move from scarcity to possibility for broader thinking and bolder actions.


Re-Awaken to your authentic self and definition of success and happiness, to achieve your goals with ease and alignment.


Re-Vitalize your life, in and out of work, to maximize your whole well-being and performance in tandem.


Re-Invigorate or Re-Invent  your work, so you harmonize how and why you work with who you are,  and what truly matters to you.

Intentional Living Method

The Intentional Living Method takes a preventive and proactive approach based on the science of human potential, with holistic wellbeing as the foundation of sustainable high performance.

It is designed to help you optimize the eight critical life areas that are interlinked and essential to up-leveling your overall sense of happiness – or intentional life & work well-being … and therefore your performance and impact!

It all starts with looking inward (Confidence and Clarity) before creating the outward life (Completeness and Congruence) you aspire to.

This method can be used as a roadmap for intentional living, and is the foundation of all our services

Consider each area like a spoke of a wheel: When one is shorter than the others, the whole wheel is off balance and under performing.

gold-we live one life

Two 4-months programs to re-align your life based on your authentic self

1. Re-Vitalize: Holistic solution to maximize your whole well-being and performance in tandem
2. Re-Invent: Step-by-step solution to reinvent you in a professional path and lifestyle choice that feels like you

My Intentional Living Method is the fruit of over 15 years of business experience across different industries and countries + many years mentoring other professionals + wellness practices and learning + curation of self-development resources to distill, refine, and package for you – with the aim to make everything as actionable and empowering as possible! 

It combines human potential coaching with developmental content backed by ancient wisdom and modern science, to bring forth life-enhancing habits into your every day.

It’s not another course or coaching program. It’s a way of life.

Which one feels most like what you need?

Program 1


Re-Vitalize your life intentionally, in and out of work, in alignment with your authentic self 

– so your whole well-being and performance rise in tandem, for greater vitality, resilience and fulfilment.

Program 2


Re-Invent you at work, in alignment with your unique personal brand identity 

– so you harmonize what you do with who are through a professional path and lifestyle choice that is personally rewarding.

Not sure what it is exactly, but you just know that things feel a little “off” right now, or you simply want more for yourself, in life and out of work?

You don’t need a reason, or a major problem to meet. Coming to figure out what’s off or what could be possible, and how we could be working together to get things on is reason enough!

Get in touch so we can chat about your life + work paths needs!