Create an intentional life & career that unlocks your unique potential and lights you up.

We Live One Life empowers leaders and professionals like you
to create an intentional life and career, in alignment with your authentic self
– so you can unlock your unique potential, achieve sustainable success  and feel happier, on your own terms.

Through its signature Intentional Living Method, it optimizes your mindset,
maximizes your
whole well-being and performance in tandem while enriching your life with more meaningful work.

Hello, I am Charlotte!

A 15-year corporate professional, certified human potential coach, founder of We Live One Life, and the host of We Live One Life podcast.

Most importantly, I am an unshakable optimist who relentlessly explores human potential, driven by a deep sense of purpose: how we can live better, more intentional and regret-free lives – in and out of work?

A life altering near-death experience surviving the Tsunami in Thailand in 2004 awakened me to this purpose and the fact that our time on earth is limited.

Two life lessons emerged from this awareness:

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about learning and applying anything related to personal development and wellness that help us live “better” lives - and consequently, perform better.

What exactly is it that makes people genuinely happy, successful and fulfilled?

Why do some people struggle while others find a way to thrive, often despite the most challenging circumstances? 

How can tiny changes account for radical, lasting differences in achievement?

A number of turning points in my life have led me to conscious professional and personal life re-alignments.

These have been undeniable proof that traditional rules are made to be broken, and that our life can be re-invented or optimized throughout our journey.

Paris-born, I grew up on an island in France, and had a vibrant life full of travels and curiosity. After a master’s degree in management from HEC business school, I worked 15 years in different countries, in the marketing and financial industry in leading Fortune 500 large corporations and start-ups, including over 13 years for American firms in finance (JPMorgan, BlackRock).

Despite a rewarding career path, after creating the “success” that I had been taught to value, I found myself extremely grateful for all I had going on, yet longing for more. I realized that it was not aligned anymore with my purpose and where I felt called to serve.

At the same time, I was mentoring more and more other professionals. I had a knack for helping others to discover their unique inner-powers and the possibilities they could not see for themselves, break through their limiting beliefs, take their life and career by the reigns and truly shine. That really lit me up. 

Today I am dedicated to empowering leaders and professionals to live with the awareness that life is only temporary, so they step in the power of their authentic self and live more intentionally, in and out of work


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for becoming happier, healthier, more successful, or more impactful.

When we know ourselves and what we want, we can create full self-expressed lives
and careers that unlock our unique potential and light us up.

I believe that this enables leaders and professionals to live and work with

Human potential is at the heart of positive transformation and corporate social responsibility.

Building sustainable futures starts with building more sustainable ways to live and work, by giving professionals the tools to navigate their life & career paths with well-being and agility.

It is time to pause and ask yourself this simple but fundamental question:

“Who Am I, What do I truly want, and How do I get it in order to live a better, more intentional and regret-free life?”


The Intentional Living Method

Through its signature Intentional Living Method, We Live One Life optimizes your mindset,
maximizes your
whole well-being and performance in tandem
while enriching your life with more
meaningful work – for greater vitality, resilience and fulfilment.

It does this via two powerful solutions that combine human potential coaching with developmental content 
backed by ancient wisdom and modern science:

Re-Vitalize (holistic well-being & performance) and Re-Invent (professional path reinvention).

To re-define what “success” and “happiness” mean to you, in an era in which our life and the world are increasingly nonlinear and fast-changing, and where fully self-expressed lives and mutual support are more than ever a competitive advantage.

To Re-Vitalize and Re-Invent the world – one life at a time.

A Lifelong Learner

Over 15 years’ business experience and self-development + well-being practice to guide you.

And more to come! I am a lifelong learner and on a journey to further my professional development with various mind and body tools to enable you to re-connect with your true self.